Driving abroad

If you are planning on taking your car abroad, don’t just assume that your current insurance policy automatically covers you. Even if you have comprehensive insurance, you may only be covered by third party insurance when you travel abroad. The amount of cover you have abroad depends on your insurance policy and the country you are travelling in.

In the past, it was necessary for British drivers to have a green card as proof of their insurance overseas. Some European countries now allow tourists to travel without their green card documentation, but this does not apply with all European countries.

  • A green card is a certificate that proves to anyone abroad you have basic car insurance.
  • The green card is free to obtain but will only cover you for basic Road Traffic Accident (RTA) insurance; you will not be covered for every eventuality.
  • Some insurance companies will charge you for green card cover whilst abroad, this usually means that your insurance policy in the UK is extended whilst you are overseas.
  • The cost of your overseas policy will vary between insurers and will depend on the length of time you spend abroad.
  • When buying your car insurance, check whether your package includes European breakdown cover.
  • You should always get in touch with your insurance company before taking your car abroad, and make sure you take your insurance documentation with you.