Commercial vehicle insurance

Many companies own cars, which they allow their employees to use on a regular basis. In the event of an accident, it is usually the company that is liable for any damages. It is therefore very important that company insures its cars properly. When insuring company owned cars, a policy dealing with commercial vehicles specifically is generally the best way forward. This type of policy considers many factors when insuring vehicles:

  • How many drivers will there be? In many cases the insurer cannot take into account the circumstances of each individual driver, as this may be impractical for larger companies with many employees.
  • Who will be driving the car? In smaller companies with fewer employees, the insurance company can take into account the circumstances of each driver.
  • The insurer will also take into account the type of vehicle being used.
  • Insurers will want to know what the vehicle is being used for in order to assess how much risk is involved.

Some insurance companies offer policies for commercial vehicles, and some insurers are specialised specifically for this. Get quotes from different insurance companies to find the right policy for you.

  • Try to find an insurance company that is used to providing commercial vehicle cover. Specialised insurers will be more reliable as they have more knowledge and experience in insuring commercial cars.
  • Make sure you get a policy that offers cover for all possible accidents that may occur in your line of work.
  • Get a policy that considers the safety of your employees.
  • Try and get cover for the contents of your vehicle.