Insurance claims – a look at the break-down between the sexes

The age-old argument of which sex is the better driver will no doubt rumble on for many years to come, but some interesting statistics have been brought to light by MoneySuperMarket which has looked at some 11 million insurance quotes.

It seems that although men have fewer accidents than women, they cost the insurance industry a lot more than women. There is an average difference of £416 per “at-fault”, claim with the men’s average coming in at £3,187 and the women’s at £2,771.

As far as the big money is concerned, 5% of men’s claims notch up sums in excess of £10,000, whilst only 3% of women’s hit that level. At the opposite end of the scale, 37% of claims made by women are under £1,000 whilst 34% of claims made by men are more than £2,000.

According to Kevin Pratt of MoneySuperMarket, one interpretation of the statistic regarding women’s claims under a thousand pounds could be that the fairer sex take more pride in the appearance of their cars, leading them to have minor bumps and scratches put right after an accident.

One thing that leaves little room for argument is the fact that recently qualified drivers are most at risk of having an accident, with one in four “at-fault” claims being made by a driver with under five years’ experience behind the wheel compared to one in six with more than 10 years’ experience.

87% of all car insurance claims arise as a result of an accident with only 2.4% coming about because of theft. Other reasons include windscreen damage and vandalism.

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