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Insurance claims – a look at the break-down between the sexes

The age-old argument of which sex is the better driver will no doubt rumble on for many years to come, but some interesting statistics have been brought to light by MoneySuperMarket which has looked at some 11 million insurance quotes. It seems that although men have fewer accidents than women, they cost the insurance industry…

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New drivers lose their licence after six points

Statistics show just how many newly qualified drivers thumb their noses at the concept of safe driving. Strict laws to cut the number of deaths of inexperienced drivers were brought in in 1995, leading to an automatic ban for those who totted up six penalty points or more within the first two years of them…

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‘Morning-after’ drink-driving arrests have risen

The vast majority of drivers take a responsible attitude to drink-driving and either opt for a taxi after a night out or make sure that the designated driver sticks to soft drinks. However, how many of us have staggered home in the small hours of the morning somewhat worse for wear, only to get behind…

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